What is Billy Evans Net Worth 2023: Things You Need To Know

What is Billy Evans Net Worth 2023 Things You Need To Know

William Billy Evans is known as Billy Evans. He is an American entrepreneur and the husband of Elizabeth Holmes, one of the most successful businesswomen in the world.

Here at World Celebrity Net Worth, we delve into the fascinating world of Billy Evans net worth 2023, providing an overview of the factors influencing his financial standing. Let’s follow!

What is Billy Evans Net Worth and Salary 2023?

What is Billy Evans’ Net Worth and Salary in 2023

According to reports, Billy Evans’ net worth is estimated at around $10 million in 2023. His salary in 2023 is currently unknown.

Billy Evans’s Overview

Billy Evans's Overview

Early Life

Billy Evans’s real name is William Evans. He was born into a family of successful hoteliers in San Diego, California. His grandparents, William and Anne Evans, founded Evans Hotels in 1953, which now operates three luxury hotels in the area.

Growing up with his parents, Susan and William L. Evans, Billy was exposed to the world of business and hospitality from an early age.

He pursued higher education by studying abroad in Shanghai, China at Fudan University on a full scholarship, where he took classes in Chinese language and literature.

After his time in China, Evans went on to graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2015, earning a bachelor’s degree in economics.


As a young entrepreneur, he attempted to start his own company, focusing on providing shuttle services for China’s elite to receive medical care in the United States.

He went on to work at LinkedIn as a strategy and analytics leadership program analyst where he honed his skills in the tech industry.

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Following his stint at LinkedIn, Evans joined Luminar Technologies, a self-driving car company, as a special projects manager until January 2019.

His experience in both the tech and automotive sectors demonstrates his ability to adapt and excel in various industries.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Evans inherited Evans Garage from his father, a private event space and museum containing vintage cars, some dating back to the 1800s.

Currently, Evans is involved in multiple ventures, including investing and starting new companies, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to staying ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing world.

Personal Life

Billy Evans has a relationship with Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of the now-defunct health tech corporation Theranos.

The couple met at a Fleet Week house party in 2017, where they instantly connected and fell in love.

Despite initial disapproval from Evans’ family, the pair went on to marry secretly in 2019 and have two children together, William and Invicta.

Evans has remained supportive, even as she faces legal challenges and an 11-year prison sentence for fraud and deceiving investors.

Why is Billy Evans Famous?

Why is Billy Evans Famous

Billy Evans is famous as a successful American businessman, media personality, and manager hailing from San Diego.

He has worked at notable companies such as LinkedIn and Luminar Technologies, a self-driving car company.

However, his fame significantly increased when he married Elizabeth Holmes. She is the disgraced founder of Theranos whose net worth plummeted from $4.5 billion to $0 as of 2023.

FAQs about Billy Evans

Who is Elizabeth Holmes’ husband?

Former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes has been married to hotel heir Billy Evans.

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How did Billy Evans make his money?

Evans’ grandparents started a hospitality company that runs three high-end hotels in San Diego. He comes from a family of successful hotel owners.

Who is Billy Evans’ family?

Mr Evans, 30, is an heir to Evans Hotels, a family-owned hospitality group based in the San Diego area.

The business was founded in 1953 by his grandparents William and Anne Evans, and runs luxury boutique hotels, restaurants and wellness spas.


In conclusion, delving into Billy Evans’ net worth in 2023 has provided us with valuable insights into the financial success he has achieved in recent years.

From his contributions in the entertainment industry to his potential business ventures, Evans has managed to amass considerable wealth and establish himself as a prominent figure in his field.

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