What is Bobby Knight Net Worth 2023: All You Need To Know

What is Bobby Knight Net Worth 2023 All You Need To Know

In basketball, few names carry as much weight as Bobby Knight. Knight has become a legend in his sport. He is known for his tough teaching style and his many wins.

Fans and followers are interested in him for more than just what he does on the court.

In this article, WCNetworth will discuss Bobby Knight net worth as of 2023. We will also talk about his long and successful work and what made him famous.

What is Bobby Knight’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

What is Bobby Knight's Net Worth and Salary in 2023

Bobby Knight’s net worth as of 2023 is estimated to be around $8 million. This figure represents his accumulated wealth throughout his career as a basketball coach.

For the most accurate and up-to-date net worth estimates, consult reliable sources.

Bobby Knight’s Overview

Bobby Knight's Overview


Early Life

Bobby Knight was born Robert Montgomery Knight on October 25, 1940, in Massillon, Ohio. Growing up in Orrville, Ohio, Knight developed a passion for sports at a young age.

Even though baseball was his first love, he switched to basketball after his coach put him on leave.

Knight went to high school in Orrville, where he played organized basketball and got better at it. After high school, he played for the Basketball Hall of Fame coach Fred Taylor on the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Knight was a star player in high school. But he was just a backup player on the 1960 Ohio State team that won:

  • NCAA Championship
  • Hall of Famers John Havlicek and Jerry Lucas

Knight earned a history and government degree from Ohio State University in 1962. Before joining the Army, he taught junior varsity basketball at Cuyahoga Falls High School.

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He served on active duty from June 1963 to June 1965 and in the army reserves from June 1965 to May 1969. Knight’s coaching career began during his time in the military. In 1965, he became the youngest major college head basketball coach at West Point.


1965 he started a successful teaching career at the United States Military Academy. He led the Black Knights to four post-season tournaments for six years and won two-thirds of his games.

Knight became the head coach of the Indiana Hoosiers in 1971, and he did a great job there.

During his 29 years as coach, the team won three NCAA titles, one NIT title, and eleven Big Ten Conference titles.

His team in 1975–1976 went unbeaten in the regular season and won the NCAA playoffs that year. Knight was named Big Ten Coach of the Year eight times and National Coach of the Year four times.

Knight took a short break from teaching after he left Indiana in 2000. In 2001, he went to work for Texas Tech. He continued to succeed, averaging 21 wins per season and 126 wins over seven years.

His best year was a 22-11 record and a Sweet 16 appearance in the 2004-2005 season. Knight retired midway through the 2007-2008 season, passing the torch to his son, Pat Knight.

Bobby Knight promoted academics and the motion offense. Despite temper issues, Knight is regarded in college basketball for his success and innovation.


Knight’s books share his basketball knowledge, experiences, and philosophy. Here are some notable books written by Bobby Knight:

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Knight: My Story (2002)

Bobby Knight shares his life and works in this book. He discusses his childhood, coaching career, and successes and failures.

Knight reveals his coaching methods and basketball stories.

The Power of Negative Thinking: An Unconventional Approach to Achieving Positive Results (2013)

Knight challenges positive thinking and investigates the benefits of a different attitude.

He says mistakes should be avoided and weaknesses should be kept to a minimum. People should learn to look for ways to improve. Knight talks about his unique ideas about teaching and success, based on his life.

The Legacy: An Off-the-Court Look at Indiana Basketball (2006)

Bobby Knight analyzes Indiana basketball with Bob Hammel.

He discusses famous Hoosiers, rivals, and the sport’s cultural impact on Indiana. Knight honors the program that shaped his coaching career with his passion for the game.

The Power of Negative Thinking: Coming to Terms with Our Forbidden Emotions (2016)

Bobby Knight builds on his last work to investigate embracing negative emotions. He advises readers to face their anxieties and accept their limitations.

Knight discusses his coaching philosophy and self-improvement methods.

Army Coaching

In 1965, at 24, Knight was appointed as the head coach of the Army Black Knights basketball team.

From 1965 to 1971, Knight developed his coaching style and established a reputation for discipline. He emphasized teamwork, precision, and fundamentals, leading the team to success.

His 1968-1969 Army team went 20-6, a highlight of his coaching career.

International Coaching

In 1979, Knight got a big chance when he was chosen to coach the U.S. men’s basketball team in the Pan American Games, held in Puerto Rico.

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Under Knight’s leadership, the team didn’t lose a single game and won the gold medal. This showed that he could lead a team to win internationally.

Knight has also coached internationally. In 1984, when the Summer Olympics were held in Los Angeles, he was the head coach of the U.S. men’s basketball team.

Knight led the team to a gold medal, which added to his image as a well-respected coach with a long list of accomplishments.

Personal Life

Knight first married Nancy Falk on April 17, 1963. Tim and Pat, the couple’s two sons, followed in their dad’s path by becoming basketball players.

Knight and Falk were married for 22 years, but in 1985, they chose to end their marriage.

In 1988, Knight fell in love again. She was a former high school basketball teacher in Oklahoma.

The couple tied the knot on May 23, 1988, in a private ceremony attended by only a few close friends. Even though they don’t have any kids together, Karen loves being a mom to Knight’s sons from his first marriage.

Hoosiers Salary

Bobby Knight’s exact salary while coaching the Indiana Hoosiers is relatively low.

Knight was one of the highest-paid college basketball coaches at his prime. His fame as a coach undoubtedly earned him a high compensation at Indiana University.

Texas Tech Salary and Contract

Bobby Knight joined Texas Tech University as the head coach of the Red Raiders in March 2001. His Texas Tech contract included a $250,000 basic salary and team-performance bonuses.

However, his contract length and financial specifics beyond the base wage are unknown.

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Why is Bobby Knight Famous?

Why is Bobby Knight Famous

Bobby Knight’s legendary coaching career spans decades. His unorthodox coaching style requires discipline, hard work, and detail from his players. Knight became one of college basketball’s top coaches by striving for perfection.

FAQs about Bobby Knight

FAQs about Bobby Knight

How many NCAA Championships did Bobby Knight win?

Bobby Knight led the Indiana Hoosiers to three NCAA Championships: 1976, 1981, and 1987.

What is Bobby Knight’s coaching style known for?

Bobby Knight’s coaching style is known for its discipline, attention to detail, and emphasis on fundamentals. He demanded hard work and excellence from his players.

Did Bobby Knight have any controversial moments in his career?

Yes, Bobby Knight did have some controversial times during his career. This was often because of how hard he coached and how often he got angry.

Has Bobby Knight coached any NBA teams?

No, Bobby Knight has not coached any NBA teams. He primarily focused on college basketball coaching, specifically with the Indiana Hoosiers.

Did Bobby Knight have any notable players he coached?

Yes, Bobby Knight did coach Isiah Thomas, Steve Alford, and Calbert Cheaney, among other well-known stars.

Is Bobby Knight still involved in basketball?

Bobby Knight had retired from coaching. For the latest basketball news, consult recent sources.

How much does Mike Woodson make?

Mike Woodson’s salary was not available. It is recommended to refer to recent sources or official announcements for the most up-to-date information on his earnings.

How tall is Bob Knight?

Bob Knight stands at a height of approximately 6 feet 5 inches (195 cm).

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What is Pat Knight doing now?

Pat Knight was the head coach of the Lamar University men’s basketball team. However, it is advisable to refer to recent sources for the most current information on his activities and career.

Is Bobby Knight still alive?

Bobby Knight was alive. Since I don’t have real-time information, check his status with credible sources.


Bobby Knight’s net worth in 2023 is a testament to his exceptional career as a basketball coach. He went from being a determined young athlete to a famous sports figure. It shows how hard he works and how good a teacher he is.

Knight’s financial success shows how much he changed the game and how much he will be remembered. Despite his coaching style, Bobby Knight’s influence on basketball is undeniable. This cements his place in the history of sports.