What is Buck Taylor Net Worth 2023: All You Need To Know

What is Buck Taylor Net Worth 2023 All You Need To Know

Buck Taylor, known for his remarkable career in the entertainment industry, is an American actor and artist.

Taylor has left an indelible mark on the acting world. He has captivated audiences for decades with his down-to-earth demeanor and rugged charm. Taylor is best known for playing the young, eager deputy Newly O’Brien on the popular TV show Gunsmoke.

However, acting is one of many domains where Buck Taylor has succeeded. His artistic talent extends to painting, where he has gained recognition for his Western-themed artwork.

With his multifaceted career, Buck Taylor has not only gained fame but has also accumulated a considerable net worth.

Let’s explore the financial success of this versatile artist and delve into the details of Buck Taylor net worth.

What is Buck Taylor’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

What is Buck Taylor’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023

In 2023, Buck Taylor’s net worth is around $5 million. His wealth primarily comes from his long career as an actor and painter. As an actor, Taylor has appeared in numerous films and television series, most notably as Newly O’Brian in the CBS television series Gunsmoke.

In addition to acting, Taylor is a talented artist who has been painting seriously for about 35 years. He creates promotional posters for many rodeos and state fairs and sells his artwork depicting cowboys, Native Americans, and horses.

Buck Taylor’s Overview: Why is Buck Taylor Famous?

Buck Taylor's Overview Why is Buck Taylor Famous

Early Life

Buck Taylor, born on May 13, 1938, is an American actor and artist best known for his role as Newly O’Brian in the CBS television series Gunsmoke. He is the son of Florence Gertrude Heffernan and renowned character actor Dub Taylor.

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Buck grew up in a family with a lot of connections to the film business. He went to North Hollywood High School, where he was a great gymnast. After high school, Buck served in the U.S. Navy for two years before following his dream of becoming an actor.


Taylor joined the cast of Gunsmoke in 1967 when it was in its 13th season. He played the same role until 1975 when the show ended.

Taylor’s character changed from a skilled gunsmith to a dedicated deputy sheriff throughout eight seasons. He worked with famous actors like:

  • James Arness
  • Dennis Weaver
  • Amanda Blake
  • Ken Curtis

In 1987, Taylor reprised his role as Newly O’Brian in the TV movie Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge. His outstanding performance on Gunsmoke earned him the Trustee Award from the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in 1981 and an induction into the Cowboy Hall of Fame.

After Gunsmoke, Taylor went on to star in over 20 films and various television shows, solidifying his status as a revered Western actor.


Taylor has been drawing since he was a child. His aunt Fay Taylor, who is a fashion illustrator in Oklahoma City, had a big impact on his artistic career.

Buck is a skilled artist who focuses on watercolor and acrylic paintings with Western themes. He often paints cowboys, Native Americans, horses, and other animals.

Many of his interesting pieces are based on characters and scenes from movies and TV shows in which he has acted.

Since 1993, Taylor’s artwork has been transformed into limited edition prints, giclee, and posters sold in various sizes. His talent has also made him the official artist for numerous rodeos and state fairs, designing promotional posters.

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Personal Life

Buck was first married to Judy Nuggent, an actor from Los Angeles, for 21 years before their divorce. They had four children: Adam, Mathew, Cooper, and Tiffany.

Tragically, their son Adam passed away at 27 in a motorcycle accident. In 1995, Buck found love again when he met Goldie Ann Mauldin, a flight attendant, at a quarter horse show in Oklahoma.

The couple got married and have been together for over 24 years, living on their ranch in West Texas. Buck credits Goldie for helping him find a new lease on life after losing his father and son, and he remains deeply passionate about their relationship.

FAQs about Buck Taylor

FAQs about Buck Taylor

How tall is Buck Taylor?

Buck Taylor stands at 5 ft 11 in (1.8288 m) tall.

What is Buck Taylor known for in his acting career?

Buck Taylor is best known for his role as Newly on the television series Gunsmoke from 1967 to 1975.

What is Buck Taylor known for in his painting career?

Buck Taylor is known for his works depicting the American West and has painted the portrait of Gunsmoke co-star James Arness. He also creates posters for many rodeos in Texas.

Has Buck Taylor won any awards?

Buck Taylor won Golden Boot Awards for Gunsmoke in 1972 and Truce in 2007. He also won a Golden Boot Award in 1993.

Was Buck Taylor married?

Buck Taylor married actress Judy Nugent from 1961 to 1983 and remarried in 1995.


In sum, Buck Taylor’s career in show business has been a very remarkable one. From his famous part in Gunsmoke to his skillful art, he has made a lasting impression on people. Taylor has earned fame and admiration and built a substantial net worth. Buck Taylor continues to inspire people and leave his mark on the entertainment world with his many skills and love of both acting and art.

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