What is Eyal Ofer Net Worth 2023: Things You Need To Know

What is Eyal Ofer Net Worth 2023 Things You Need To Know

Eyal Ofer, an internationally renowned businessman, has built an impressive empire that spans across shipping, real estate, hospitality, and finance sectors. 

As of 2023, the question on everyone’s mind is: What is Eyal Ofer net worth? In this article, we delve into an in-depth analysis of Ofer’s financial portfolio.

What is Eyal Ofer’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

Eyal Ofer Net Worth and Salary in 2023

In 2023, Eyal Ofer boasts an impressive net worth of $18.7 billion. His diverse business ventures span across various industries, including shipping, real estate, technology, banking, and energy.

As an Independent Director of Royal Caribbean Group, Ofer’s total compensation for 2021 amounted to $320,029, according to salary benchmarking data.

Eyal Ofer’s Overview

Early Life

Eyal Ofer was born in 1950 in Haifa, Israel, to Sammy Ofer, a Romanian-born Israeli shipping magnate who was once Israel’s richest man. Growing up in a family with a strong business background, Eyal was exposed to the world of commerce from a young age.

He attended Atlantic College, an international boarding school affiliated with the United World Colleges, in St Donat’s Castle, Wales.

During his teenage years, Eyal spent his summers working on his family’s ships, loading cargo, scraping and repainting the boats, and traveling to international ports.

After finishing high school, he worked as an intelligence officer in the Israeli Air Force from 1967 to 1973. He then went to the University of London to study maritime law.


His career took off in the 1980s when he ventured into international maritime transportation, eventually moving to New York City in 1980 to start the family real estate business.

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Through Global Holdings, he invested in properties on Park Avenue South, which he rented to law firms and public relations firms.

Over the years, Ofer has assembled a vast real estate empire, acquiring a deep knowledge of ships and managing tangible assets. His shipping interests are concentrated within the Zodiac Group, a privately held company with a fleet of more than 150 vessels.

Ofer has also been a director of Royal Caribbean Cruises since May 1995, holding a significant stake in the company.

In addition to his shipping ventures, he has interests in technology companies through O.G. Venture Partners, a venture capital fund launched in 2017 focusing on early growth start-ups with disruptive technologies.

Energy Career

As the Chairman of Ofer Global, he leads the group’s private portfolio of international multi-generational businesses, including the O.G. Energy division.

This division focuses on various interests, such as renewable energy projects centered around wind, solar, and forestry.

Under Eyal’s leadership, the company has become a global frontrunner in providing Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) and Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) units through Omni Offshore Terminals.

Through O.G. Oil & Gas, the oil and gas arm of Ofer Global’s O.G. Energy division, he has acquired interests in the Australasia and South East Asia regions.

In 2017, O.G. Oil & Gas made a partial takeover offer for a majority stake in New Zealand Oil & Gas, resulting in the acquisition of nearly 70% of the company. This strategic move further solidified Eyal’s position as a key player in the energy industry.

Technology Career

In 2017, this venture capital fund participated in several funding rounds for innovative companies, such as Bringg, a delivery logistics platform for enterprises, and Arbe Robotics, a Tel Aviv startup developing a high-resolution radar system for self-driving cars.

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Additionally, O.G. Venture Partners has invested in cybersecurity and data protection services through enSilo and Secdo, as well as ClipCall, a company that brings technology to home maintenance and improvement.

Personal Life

Eyal Ofer Personal Life

Eyal Ofer is happily married to Marilyn Ofer. Together, they have four children and have built a strong family foundation. The couple resides in the luxurious city of Monte Carlo, Monaco, while also maintaining homes in West London and Herzliya Pituah near Tel Aviv.

Eyal’s dedication to his family is evident as he frequently travels between New York, London, and Israel to spend time with them.


Alongside his wife Marilyn, Eyal established the Eyal & Marilyn Ofer Family Foundation to continue his family’s legacy of supporting various causes.

The foundation has significantly contributed to institutions such as the Tate Modern, the National Maritime Museum in the UK, and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Eyal was also one of the donors to the Gloriana during Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

In addition to these efforts, the foundation funds over 150 educational scholarships each year, preserves the artistic heritage and academic resources, and contributes to the expansion of infrastructure and research and development in the healthcare space.

One notable example is the Eyal Ofer Heart Hospital, which opened in 2020 with financial support from Ofer for the Rambam Health Care Campus.

Why is Eyal Ofer Famous?

Eyal Ofer is renowned for his multifaceted accomplishments as a billionaire businessman, philanthropist, and art collector.

His keen understanding of market dynamics and strategic investments have earned him recognition by Lloyd’s List as one of the most influential people in the shipping industry.

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Beyond his business acumen, Ofer is also celebrated for his philanthropic endeavors, supporting various artistic, educational, and cultural institutions through the Eyal & Marilyn Ofer Family Foundation.

As an avid art collector, he is listed among the top 200 collectors worldwide, further solidifying his prominence in both the business and cultural spheres.

FAQs about Eyal Ofer

FAQs about Eyal Ofer

How old is Eyal Ofer?

Eyal Ofer age is 73 years old.

How tall is Eyal Ofer?

Eyal Ofer height is 1.80 m.

Who are the children of Eyal Ofer?

Half of his father’s massive art collection, widely regarded as among the finest in the world, was left to Eyal. Ofer’s children Daniel, Jonathan, David, and Olivia all play important roles in the company.

Where does Eyal Ofer live?

He currently makes his home in posh Monaco.


In conclusion, the story of Eyal Ofer’s rise to a business magnate is one of strategic foresight, unparalleled insight, and a multifaceted approach to business.

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