What is Grant Troutt Net Worth 2023: All You Need To Know

What is Grant Troutt Net Worth 2023 All You Need To Know

Grant Troutt is the son of the American businessman and husband of Madison Prewett from Season 24 of The Bachelor. With his dedication to his work, his net worth has increased significantly.

Let’s learn about Grant Troutt net worth in 2023 with WCnetworth through the article below.

What is Grant Troutt’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

Grant Troutt Net Worth and Salary in 2023

Grant Troutt is an American from Dallas who works in finance. He is the son of Excel Communications’ founder, wealthy Kenny Troutt, who made money.

According to reports, Grant Troutt net worth is about $800,000 as of 2023.

Grant Troutt’s Overview

Early Life

Grant Troutt was born in Dallas, Texas, in 1996. His parents are Lisa and Kenny Troutt. Grant grew up with two brothers and sisters.

His mother received a fashion degree from the University of North Texas. She is a founder of the Council for Life and has previously worked in the apparel industry for firms such as BIS, Prophecy, and Barboglio.


Kenny Troutt’s father is a self-made billionaire. He started the Excel Communications long-distance phone company.

Kenny sold Excel Communications to Teleglobe for a massive $3.5 billion, and he has put the money he made back into winning stocks, bonds, and horses.

He went to the Episcopal School of Dallas so he could learn. In 2015, he went to school at UC Santa Barbara, where he stayed until 2016.

Then he went to Southern Methodist University, where he got his degree in 2019. He was the point guard for the college basketball team when he was in college.

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After that, he played for UC Santa Barbara. The two of them made a deal on November 14, 2014. But because he was hurt, he couldn’t play for most of the season.

Grant is a summer analyst at Blue Star Innovation Partners right now. He has worked for the business for more than three years. He is in charge of sales and buying for the M&A group at the company.

Before he worked at Blue Star, he spent three months as an analyst intern at JMI Realty. In the same way, he worked at Red Mile for two months as an analyst intern.

Personal Life

Grant Troutt Personal Life

Madison Prewett, who was on The Bachelor, is now dating Grant Troutt. He’s been going out with her for about 8 months. Grant asked her to marry him at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach on Sunday, a few days before their 9-month anniversary.

After the engagement posts were public, other Bachelor Nation stars wrote in the comments to celebrate the couple.

In her slideshow of pictures with Grant, Madison talked about how full of passion, purpose, and joy he is. She also said she was happy to be with someone who loves Jesus and people as much as she does.

Why is Grant Troutt Famous?

Grant Troutt is well-known because his father, Kenny Troutt, is a billionaire. He put the money back to work by buying stocks, bonds, and horses.

He also owns WinStar Farm, which is in Versailles, Kentucky. The company is known for raising great Thoroughbred horses, including one that won the Kentucky Derby.

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FAQs about Grant Troutt

FAQs about Grant Troutt

How old is Grant Troutt?

Grant Troutt age is 26 years old.

How tall is Grant Troutt?

Grant Troutt height is 1.85 m.

Did Grant Troutt play basketball?

Troutt is a point guard from the Episcopal School of Dallas to UCSB.

Who is Grant Troutts father?

Kenny A. Troutt founded Excel Communications, a Texas-based telecommunications firm that provided long-distance phone service.

Who are Kenny and Lisa Trout?

The lucky owners of the winning horse are Kenny and Lisa Troutt of Dallas. Kenny Troutt, a self-made billionaire who got his money by starting the long-distance phone company Excel Communications, owns WinStar Farm in Versailles, Kentucky.


Grant Troutt is one of the most successful businessmen in the United States today. His net worth has increased significantly due to his hard work and dedication to his business ventures.

With their comprehensive analysis and research, you can get an accurate estimate of Grant Troutt’s net value in the coming years. So don’t wait – click WCnetworth to learn more about Grant Troutt’s net worth in 2023!

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