What Is Jacinda Ardern Net Worth 2023: All You Need To Know

What Is Jacinda Ardern Net Worth 2023 All You Need To Know

Jacinda Ardern, the former Prime Minister of New Zealand, is highly regarded for her compassionate leadership style and progressive policies. As her global influence expands, there is curiosity about her net worth and financial status

In this article, WCnetworth will provide insights into Jacinda Ardern net worth in 2023, including her salary, and assets, and dispel misconceptions surrounding her wealth. Let’s follow!

What is Jacinda Ardern Net Worth and Salary 2023?

What is Jacinda Ardern’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023

According to reports, Jacinda’s estimated net worth is around $25 million in 2023. She had an annual salary of $471,049 New Zealand dollars ($281,047), as determined by New Zealand’s Remuneration Authority.

As Ardern prepared to step down from her position in 2023, her legacy as a leader was marked by her ability to respond effectively in times of crisis and manage a political coalition.

Jacinda Ardern’s Overview

Jacinda Ardern Overview

Early Life

Jacinda Ardern was born on July 26, 1980, in Hamilton, New Zealand, to a Mormon family. She spent her early years in Murupara, a small town known for its Māori gang activity.

Growing up in this environment, Ardern witnessed children without shoes or proper meals, which inspired her to pursue a career in politics.

Her father, a career law enforcement officer, later became the New Zealand government’s high commissioner to the island of Niue, prompting the family to move to Morrinsville, southeast of Auckland.

Jacinda Ardern completed her primary and secondary education in Morrinsville. She went to the University of Waikato to get a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies in 1999. She successfully graduated in 2001.

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Even before completing her degree, Ardern joined the Labour Party at the age of 17 and became involved in the reelection campaign of Harry Duynhoven, a Labour member of parliament (MP) in the New Plymouth district.

This experience led her to work as a researcher for another Labour MP, Phil Goff, and eventually secured her a position on the staff of Prime Minister Helen Clark, who became Ardern’s political hero and mentor.


In 2005, Ardern went to Britain for a long work trip. She spent two and a half years working in the cabinet office of British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

During this time, she served as an associate director for Better Regulation Executive, focusing on improving local authorities’ interactions with small businesses.

In 2007, Ardern was elected president of the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY), which took her to various countries such as Algeria, China, India, Israel, Jordan, and Lebanon.

Ardern’s political career in New Zealand took off in 2008 when she was chosen as Labour’s candidate for MP of the Waikato district.

Although she lost the seat by around 13,000 votes, she entered parliament as a list candidate due to New Zealand’s mixed member proportional (MMP) election system. At age 28, Ardern became the House of Representatives youngest member.

Throughout her time in parliament, she held various positions, including Labour’s spokesperson for Youth Affairs and serving on the Regulations Review and the Justice and Electoral select committees.

In 2011, Ardern ran for the seat representing Auckland Central against Nikki Kaye of the New Zealand National Party.

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Despite losing the race by a narrow margin, Ardern returned to parliament as a list candidate and continued to hold prominent positions within the Labour Party.

In 2014, she faced off with Kaye once again for the Auckland Central seat, losing by only 600 votes. However, she easily returned to parliament due to her high position on Labour’s list.

Ardern’s rise to fame came to a head in August 2017 when she became the leader of the New Zealand Labour Party. Ardern’s tenure as prime minister was marked by her empathetic leadership style and progressive values.

She became famous around the world for how quickly she responded to the Christchurch mosque killings in 2019.

Within a week of the attack, she banned semi-automatic guns that looked like they were made for the military.

In January 2023, Ardern quit as prime minister, saying she didn’t have “enough left in the tank” to keep running the country.

Despite stepping down from her role, she received one of New Zealand’s highest honors, being made a Dame Grand Companion as part of King Charles III’s Birthday Honors in June 2023.

Ardern’s legacy as a leader continues to inspire people worldwide, and she will be joining Harvard University later in the year as a dual fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School while also taking on an unpaid role combating online extremism.

Personal Life

While Jacinda Ardern’s professional achievements have garnered significant attention, her personal life is equally noteworthy.

In 2018, Ardern became the second world leader to give birth while in office, breaking barriers and challenging traditional gender roles.

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Her partner, Clarke Gayford, a television presenter and fishing show host, has been a supportive figure in her life and actively involved in their daughter’s upbringing.

Why is Jacinda Ardern Famous?

Why is Jacinda Ardern Famous

Jacinda Ardern’s rise to prominence can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, she has garnered attention and admiration from individuals who aspire to positive change. This is primarily due to her liberal perspectives and unwavering dedication to social justice.

Ardern’s emphasis on climate action and her efforts to combat child poverty have resonated with people both in New Zealand and worldwide.

Furthermore, Ardern’s leadership style has captivated the public’s attention. Ardern’s response to crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the Christchurch mosque shootings, has demonstrated her resilience and ability to unite a nation in times of adversity.

FAQs about Jacinda Ardern

FAQs about Jacinda Ardern

Why did Jacinda Ardern quit?

Many people said they thought Ardern’s decision to step down was partly due to the abuse she had received.

Who is the sister of Jacinda?

Louise Ardern

How old is Jacinda Ardern?

42 years old


Jacinda Ardern’s time as Prime Minister of New Zealand was characterized by her exceptional and compassionate leadership.

Her approach resonated with people in her country and worldwide. She effectively communicated and connected with citizens, making personal connections.

Additionally, her strong decision-making abilities enabled her to handle various crises and challenges throughout her tenure. As she steps down, her influence on New Zealand and the global stage serves as an inspiring demonstration of empathetic and humane modern leadership.