What Is Lady Frost Net Worth 2023: All You Need To Know

What Is Lady Frost Net Worth 2023 All You Need To Know

In the world of professional wrestling, success is often measured by fame, titles, and of course, financial wealth. One wrestler who has been making waves in the industry is Lady Frost, known for her incredible athleticism and captivating persona. 

Here at World Celebrity Net Worth, we will delve into the various aspects of Lady Frost net worth 2023, her accomplishments, and her career.

What is Lady Frost Net Worth and Salary 2023?

What is Lady Frost’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023

As of 2023, Lady Frost’s estimated net worth stands at a commendable $2 million. This figure has seen a significant increase from the previous year due to her escalating career and brand endorsements.

Her annual salary, emanating from her wrestling contracts and personal brand deals, is approximately around $400,000.

Lady Frost’s Overview

Early Life

Lady Frost, born Brittany Rae Steding on March 14, 1985, embarked on a journey to become an American professional wrestler.

Growing up, she was exposed to the world of wrestling through her grandfather, Tony Marino, who was a wrestler himself. This early exposure to the sport ignited a passion within her that would eventually lead her to pursue a career in professional wrestling.

Before stepping into the ring, Lady Frost had to overcome various challenges and hone her skills. She started her training with dedication and determination.

She learned the basics and became skilled in wrestling techniques. Her efforts paid off when she debuted as a professional wrestler for WWE on March 26, 2018, during the Raw episode.

She used the ring name Jamie Frost. Even though she lost to Asuka in a quick match, this marked the beginning of her wrestling journey.

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Lady Frost Overview

Lady Frost’s career took off as she started performing on the independent circuit. Alongside her real-life husband, Victor Benjamin, the duo formed a tag team called Pretty Proper, with Steding adopting the ring name Lady Frost.

Her wrestling career began as a valet for her husband, but she soon transitioned into a competitor herself.

On September 15, 2018, Lady Frost had her first title match, challenging LuFisto for the Rogue Women Warriors Championship at an Atomic Championship Wrestling event, but was unsuccessful.

Lady Frost’s career took off as she competed in numerous wrestling organizations, including Chikara, Shimmer Women Athletes, and Hurricane Pro Wrestling.

In 2021, she won her first title in wrestling by defeating Heather Monroe to become Hurricane Pro Wrestling’s women’s champion.

Her talents caught the attention of Impact Wrestling, where she debuted in July 2021, answering Impact Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo’s open challenge but ultimately losing the match.

She continued to compete in Impact Wrestling, participating in the 2021 Knockouts Knockdown Tournament and the inaugural Knockouts Ultimate X match at Hard to Kill.

In addition to her work in Impact Wrestling, Lady Frost has also competed in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), and Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL).

Her appearances in these promotions have showcased her skills and determination, earning her a reputation as one of the coolest wrestlers in the industry.

Personal Life

Outside the ring, Lady Frost lives a comparatively low-key life. She is married to fellow wrestler Victor Benjamin, also known as ‘The Savage Gentleman.’

They often tag together in wrestling events, showcasing palpable chemistry and shared passion for the sport.

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They jointly run a wrestling school in their hometown of Pittsburgh, training and mentoring the next generation of wrestlers.

Lady Frost is also passionate about fitness and health, often sharing workout routines, diet plans, and motivational posts on her social media platforms.

She has used her fame and influence to promote a healthy lifestyle, inspiring her fans and followers.

Why is Lady Frost Famous?

Why is Lady Frost Famous

Lady Frost’s fame extends beyond her professional wrestling career. She is revered for her distinct style and her ability to captivate audiences.

Her wrestling persona is compelling, combining a cold demeanor with an intense in-ring style.

Moreover, her fame can also be attributed to her impressive athleticism. She blends strength and agility to create a unique style that sets her apart from other wrestlers.

Her performances, characterized by high-risk maneuvers and power moves, have drawn attention and admiration from wrestling enthusiasts worldwide.

FAQs about Lady Frost

FAQs about Lady Frost

Who is Lady Frost married to?

Lady Frost is married to Victor Benjamin, a fellow professional wrestler.

Why did Lady Frost leave Impact?

Lady Frost left Impact because she felt she wasn’t given enough opportunities to showcase her skills. She believed she wasn’t living up to her potential as a wrestler, a person, and a wife. She wanted more for herself in every aspect of her life.

Who is Chad Frost in WWE?

In a fictional Dwayne Johnson series, it was revealed that Chad Frost is actually Shawn Michaels, a WWE legend. The series unveiled this fictional character twist, creating intrigue among the viewers.


In conclusion, Lady Frost has made a significant impact in the world of professional wrestling. From her time on the independent circuit to her tenure with IMPACT Wrestling, she has showcased her talent and dedication to the sport.

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With her passion for wrestling and determination to succeed, there is no doubt that Lady Frost will continue to make waves and leave a lasting impression on fans and fellow wrestlers alike.

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