What is Reggie Jackson Net Worth 2023: All You Need To Know

What is Reggie Jackson Net Worth 2023 All You Need To Know

Born on May 18, 1946, Reggie Jackson is a former professional baseball player in the United States. During his time, he made a big difference in the sport. Jackson was known as Mr. October because he played well in important situations, especially in the playoffs.

Reggie Jackson was successful in more than just sports. He was also very good at making money. He invested wisely and made a lot of money from his pay and endorsements.

In this post, WCNetworth will talk about Reggie Jackson net worth, his impact on baseball, and how he became so wealthy.

What is Reggie Jackson’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

What is Reggie Jackson’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023

In 2023, baseball legend Reggie Jackson (born 1946) is estimated to have a net worth of $20 million. This wealth is primarily attributed to his successful baseball career from 1967 to 1987.

He played for five MLB teams during this time and earned $9.15 million (approximately $32 million in today’s money).

As for his salary in 2023, Reggie Jackson is no longer an active player, so he does not have a current salary. He signed multiple contracts during his career, including a five-year, $3.5 million pact with the New York Yankees in 1976.

Reggie Jackson’s Overview

Reggie Jackson's Overview

Early Life

Reggie Jackson, born Reginald Martinez Jackson on May 18, 1946, in Wyncote, Pennsylvania, grew up in a diverse environment that shaped his unique personality.

His father, Martinez Jackson, was a World War II veteran who ran a dry-cleaning and tailoring business, providing Reggie and his siblings a working-class upbringing.

When he was six years old, Clara, Reggie’s mother, left the family. His father cared for him, his older brother James, and his older half-brother Joe.

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Despite being one of the few black students in his school, Reggie’s comfortable demeanor among whites of relative affluence set him apart from other black major leaguers of his generation.

Many teams noticed Reggie because he was good at high school football, basketball, baseball, and track.

Reggie’s father insisted that he attend to college, so Reggie enrolled at Arizona State University on a sports scholarship.

Reggie’s dad got arrested for manufacturing moonshine after his senior year of high school and went to jail. His father had been a big part of Reggie’s life.

Baseball Career

Reggie Jackson was born Reginald Martinez Jackson on May 18, 1946.

He is a famous American former professional baseball right fielder who played 21 seasons in Major League Baseball (MLB) for:

  • Kansas City/Oakland Athletics
  • Baltimore Orioles,
  • New York Yankees
  • California Angels

Throughout his impressive career, Jackson was noted for his tremendous hitting power. He hit 563 home runs in his career and was called Mr. October for his clutch efforts in the playoffs.

A 14-time American League All-Star, Jackson won numerous awards and accolades, including:

  • Two Silver Slugger Awards
  • The AL Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award in 1973
  • two World Series MVP Awards
  • The Babe Ruth Award in 1977

He was a key player on five World Series-winning teams. He won two wins with the Oakland A’s and three with the New York Yankees. Jackson was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1993, confirming his place as one of the best players ever.

Jackson’s career was full of controversies and fights, but his skill and ability to improve teams won him much admiration and respect. Both the Yankees and the A’s retired his number 44, and he is now a special assistant for the Houston Astros.

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Jackson also wrote a book with fellow Hall of Famer Bob Gibson called Sixty-Feet Six-Inches. It is about their lives and how they played the game.

Reggie Jackson is revered and admired as one of baseball’s most charismatic and dynamic players.

Other Ventures

Reggie Jackson Other Ventures

After his baseball season ended, Jackson became an ABC Sports field reporter and color commentator. In the 1980s, he provided analysis from the ABC booth and presided over the presentation of the World Series trophy.

He came out of retirement to provide color commentary for ABC’s 1988 American League Championship Series coverage. He also played a role in Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! as an Angels outfielder on a mission to eliminate the British monarchy.

Jackson has also had appearances in the films Richie Rich, BASEketball, Summer of Sam, and The Benchwarmers.

In addition to Diff’rent Strokes, his guest appearances also included The Love Boat, MacGyver, Malcolm in the Middle, and Archie Bunker’s Place.

His 2010 book Sixty-Foot-Six-Inches, written with fellow Hall of Famer Bob Gibson, was a best-seller. He also supported the baseball video game Reggie Jackson Baseball for the Sega Master System.

Personal Life

In 1968, Reggie married Jennie, whom he had met at Arizona State. However, they got a divorce after a tough season for Reggie, when he hit only.237 with 23 home runs.

Reggie got his life back on track while playing winter ball in Puerto Rico under future Hall of Famer Frank Robinson.

Reggie overcame adversity to become one of the most accomplished and colorful athletes of his day.

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Reggie retired from baseball in 1987 with 563 home runs. In 1993, he was admitted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, which his father could see before he died the following spring.

Real Estate

Over the years, he has owned several very nice homes all over the U.S.

Two of his most recognizable properties are a stunning Bay Area mansion and a lavish Florida apartment in Boca Raton.

Jackson also once owned a beautiful 10,000-square-foot house in Southern California. It was built in the 1920s and had belonged to Elvis Presley before Jackson bought it.

His impressive net worth is a sign of how good he is not only at baseball, but also in real estate. He has a good eye for expensive properties and makes smart investments.

Why is Reggie Jackson Famous?

Why is Reggie Jackson Famous

Reggie Jackson is well-known for how well he did as a professional baseball player. He was known as Mr. October because he played well in the most important playoff games.

Jackson’s ability to hit hard and do well when it meant most will be remembered for a long time. He was a baseball player for the Oakland Athletics, the Baltimore Orioles, the New York Yankees, and the California Angels.

His influence on the game and the memorable things he did under pressure cemented his position as a baseball legend.

Reggie Jackson is also well-known for the great things he has done outside of baseball. This has made him an icon in both the sports and business worlds.

FAQs about Reggie Jackson

How much money did Reggie Jackson make in his career?

Reggie Jackson’s baseball career earnings were $9.15 million, which amounts to $32 million on the current date.

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How much did Reggie Jackson make with the Yankees?

Jackson signed a five-year, $3.5 million contract with the New York Yankees on November 29, 1976. He was the prize catch in the inaugural group of Major League Baseball free agents.

Does Reggie Jackson still have his car collection?

Jackson has maintained his car collection, including over 100 cars. He’s loved cars ever since he was a kid, and he used money from his brother to buy a 1951 Chevrolet.

Did Reggie Jackson lose any cars in a fire?

Reggie Jackson’s Oakland home and warehouse containing his $3.2 million vehicle collection burned down in 1988.


Reggie Jackson’s baseball career was so good that he became known as Mr. October and left a lasting mark on the sport. He has a net worth of about $20 million, thanks to how well he played on the field and how smartly he invested. Reggie Jackson’s influence goes beyond baseball.

He has been a role model for aspiring players and businesspeople. His legacy in the game and in business is permanent proof that dedication, talent, and smart financial decisions pay off.