What is Rick Springfield Net Worth 2023: All You Need To Know

What is Rick Springfield Net Worth 2023 All You Need To Know

The renowned musician, actor, and author Rick Springfield continues to captivate audiences worldwide with his talents. As a multi-faceted entertainer, Springfield has accumulated considerable wealth throughout his illustrious career. 

This article delves into Rick Springfield net worth and salary in 2023.

What is Rick Springfield’s Net Worth and Salary 2023

What is Rick Springfield's Net Worth and Salary 2023

Rick Springfield is a $10 million dollar net worth Australian musician, singer-songwriter, and actor. He rose to prominence with his 1981 hit single Jessie’s Girl and as Dr. Noah Drake on the iconic serial opera General Hospital.

Springfield began his career in the late 1960s when he joined the pop-rock band Zoot. He pursued a solo career after leaving the band and finally found success in both music and acting.

Rick Springfield Overview

Rick Springfield Overview

Early life

Rick Springfield was born Richard Lewis Springthorpe in Sydney, Australia on August 23, 1949. Springfield spent a lot of time in military bases in Australia and the United Kingdom because his father was a Lieutenant Cornell in the Australian Army.

His love of music starts at a young age. At 15, he founded his brand, Rockhouse, and soon after, he left Australia to follow a music career in the US.

In 1972, He came out with his self-titled debut album, following his contract with Capitol Records, and marked the beginning of his musical stardom.


Rick Springfield is an Australian-American musician and actor who has had a long and varied career.

He began his career in music as a teenager, fronting bands such as the Jordy Boys, Wakedy Wak, and Zoot. He gained his first taste of success with Zoot, which led to the commencement of his solo career.

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His debut single, Speak to the Sky, reached the top 10 in Australia in the mid-1970s, marking the beginning of a fruitful career in music.

Springfield’s breakthrough came in 1981, when he recorded the smash song Jessie’s Girl, which topped the charts in both Australia and the United States. This feat garnered him the Grammy Award for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance and set the door for four more top ten US rock hits: I’ve Done Everything for You, Don’t Talk to Strangers, Affair of the Heart, and Love Somebody.

In addition to his success in the music world, Springfield also ventured into acting, landing a role on the popular television soap opera General Hospital. However, his passion for music ultimately took precedence, leading him to leave the show to focus on his recording career.

Over the years, Springfield has explored various musical genres, predominantly pop-rock, and has released numerous albums, including Working Class Dog (1981) and Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet (1982), both of which achieved top 10 status in the United States.

His acting career has also seen some success with strong appearances on TV shows such as Battlestar Galactica, The Rockford Files, Wonder Woman, The Incredible Hulk and The Six-Million Dollar Man.

He also starred in the 1984 film Hard to Hold and later joined the original Broadway cast of the musical Smokey Joe’s Cafe in 1995.

Springfield has garnered numerous awards and distinctions for his work throughout the course of his career, including an American Music Award for Pop/Rock Male Artist of the Year in 1982.

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Despite facing challenges and criticism at times, Rick Springfield has remained a versatile and enduring talent in both the music and acting industries. Springfield’s heartfelt compositions and engaging performances brought audiences together and cemented his status as a beloved figure in the entertainment world.

Personal life

He has a long-term relationship with actress Linda Blair. In 1984, he married Barbara Porter, who played a minor role in the creation of his album Working Class Dogs. They are the parents of two sons.

Why is Rick Springfield Famous?

Why is Rick Springfield Famous

Rick Springfield’s celebrity originates from his extraordinary abilities as a musician and actor. His distinctive voice, combined with his talent to produce memorable, catchy tunes, pushed him to the top of the music charts. Jessie’s Girl became a generational anthem and remains one of his best-known songs.

Furthermore, Springfield’s magnetic presence on General Hospital exposed him to a completely new audience. His depiction as Dr. Noah Drake captivated audiences all over the world, garnering him a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Daytime Drama Series.

FAQs about Rick Springfield

FAQs about Rick Springfield

How much does Rick Springfield make for a concert?

A typical cost to book Rick Springfield is from $75,000 to $149,999. However, any recent shift in popularity would generate a price fluctuation far beyond this scenario. Furthermore, their speaking price may differ from the rate mentioned for the cost to act or just appear.

Who is Rick Springfield’s wife?

In October 1984, Springfield married his girlfriend, Barbara Porter, at his family’s church in Australia.

How much does Jay Z get paid for a concert?

Sean Carter, nicknamed Jay Z, reportedly earns a cool $3 million every event. Kanye West, Jay Z’s protégé, expects the same ticket price and earns $3 million per show.

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How much was Rick James estate worth when he died?

Rick James had a net worth of 250,000 USD at the time of his death.

How rich is Lenny?

Lenny Kravitz has a net worth of 90 million USD.

How much is Bon Jovi’s net worth?

Jon Bon Jovi has a net worth of $450 Million.


In conclusion, Rick Springfield’s journey from a young musician in Australia to an internationally renowned icon showcases his resilience, talent, and determination. He continues to leave an everlasting impression on the world of entertainment with his unique sound, emotional performances, and unflinching dedication to his profession. Thank you for reading!

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