What is Wendy Raquel Robinson Net Worth 2023: All You Need To Know

What is Wendy Raquel Robinson Net Worth 2023 All You Need To Know

Wendy Raquel Robinson is a name that people associate with ability, charm, and versatility. Her amazing acting has wowed audiences on both small and large screens.

Robinson’s career in the entertainment industry has been lengthy and fruitful. She has garnered worldwide acclaim and is adored by her admirers. However, her achievement extends beyond her film roles.

Robinson has actually made a lot of money through her work, which makes her a force to be reckoned with when it comes to making money.

So What is Wendy Raquel Robinson net worth until now?

Let’s be with WCnetworth to find out the answer and get more interesting information.

What is Wendy Raquel Robinson’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

What is Wendy Raquel Robinson’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023

Wendy Raquel Robinson, a skilled American actress from Los Angeles, California, has built a name for herself in TV and cinema.

Her projected net worth in 2023 is $4 million. Robinson’s acting job, which includes work in theater, movies, and TV shows, is her main source of income. She earns more than $1 million per year from these ventures.

Wendy Raquel Robinson’s Overview: Why is Wendy Raquel Robinson Famous?

Wendy Raquel Robinson's Overview Why is Wendy Raquel Robinson Famous

Early Life

Wendy Raquel Robinson was born July 25, 1967, in Los Angeles, California. Growing up in Los Angeles, she loved the arts, so she went to Howard University for a better education. Graduating cum laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in drama, Robinson laid the foundation for her successful career in the entertainment industry.


A cum laude graduate of Howard University’s School of Fine Arts, Robinson holds a B.F.A. in drama and has showcased her talents in various plays, such as:

  • The Vagina Monologues
  • Black Woman’s Blues
  • Agnes of God
  • A Midsummer’s Night Dream
  • The Colored Museum
  • Vanities
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She gained widespread recognition for her role as high school principal Regina Piggy Grier on The WB comedy sitcom The Steve Harvey Show (1996-2002), which earned her three NAACP Image Award nominations for Best Actress in a Comedy.

Robinson continued to captivate audiences with her portrayal of sports agent Tasha Mack on The CW/BET/Paramount+ comedy-drama The Game (2006-present).

Throughout her career, she has made guest appearances on numerous television series, including:

  • Martin
  • The Sinbad Show
  • Thea
  • The Parkers
  • All of Us

Robinson has also appeared in several films, such as:

  • Miss Congeniality
  • Two Can Play That Game
  • Rebound
  • Something New alongside Sanaa Lathan

In addition to her acting career, Robinson founded the Amazing Grace Conservatory, a theatre arts school for children in Los Angeles, in 1995.

She married Marco Perkins in 2003, and they currently reside in Los Angeles. Robinson has been nominated for three NAACP Image Awards for her work on The Steve Harvey Show. This shows how hard she works and how much she cares about her job.

Wendy Raquel Robinson is still a well-known figure in Hollywood because she has a strong background in theater and loves what she does. Her amazing ability continues to inspire and entertain people.

Personal Life

Wendy Raquel Robinson husband

In 2003, she got married, but she and her husband don’t have no children. They met in 2000 when Wendy hosted an NBA playoff party at her home.

Even though her 13-year on-and-off relationship ended badly, Robinson found happiness in her marriage and focused on her own well-being.

She strongly supports living a healthy life, both physically and mentally, and she believes in the power of exercise to relieve stress and make people happy.

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In 1996, she co-founded the Amazing Grace Conservatory, a school primarily serving Los Angeles children aged 5 to 18 from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds.

As the school’s artistic director, Robinson has helped provide a haven and training for thousands of young people in arts and media production. Some notable conservatory alumni include Issa Rae, Rhyon Nicole Brown, and Elle Varner.

Wendy Raquel Robinson’s dedication to the Amazing Grace Conservatory has empowered numerous children with arts education and possibilities.

FAQs about Wendy Raquel Robinson

FAQs about Wendy Raquel Robinson

How old is Wendy Raquel from the game?

Wendy Raquel Robinson, known for her role as Tasha Mack in the television series The Game, was born on July 25, 1967. Therefore, as of that time, she would have been 55.

Did Wendy Raquel Robinson get married?

Yes, Wendy Raquel Robinson married Marco Perkins in 2003 but divorced in 2018.

How many kids does Wendy Raquel have?

No, the couple does not have any minor children together.

How did Wendy Raquel Robinson and Marco Perkins meet?

They met in 2000 when Wendy hosted an NBA playoff party at her home, according to a 2012 interview with Essence.

Has Wendy Raquel Robinson faced any financial setbacks?

Yes, Wendy Raquel Robinson faced financial setbacks due to her divorce from Marco Perkins and the loss of her home in a fire.

Did Marco Perkins request alimony from Wendy Raquel Robinson during their divorce?

During their divorce, Marco Perkins requested $10,000 per month in alimony from Wendy Raquel Robinson.


In conclusion, Robinson’s wealth reflects her remarkable achievements in the entertainment industry. Her talent and hard work have not only made her very famous, but they have also helped her make a lot of money.

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Robinson is known in the entertainment industry due to her many roles, sponsorships, and business activities. Her net worth shows how skilled, determined, and able she is to succeed in a tough field.

As Wendy Raquel Robinson continues to make her mark and inspire others, her financial success is a lesson that dreams can lead to real success.