What is Ewa Mataya Laurance Net Worth 2023: All You Need To Know

What is Ewa Mataya Laurance Net Worth 2023 All You Need To Know

Ewa Mataya Laurance is one of the world’s most acclaimed professional pool players. She is well-known in professional billiards for her extraordinary talent and success.

As of 2023, Ewa Mataya Laurance net worth reflects her success and impact on the sport. This article from WCNetWorth includes her background, career, personal life, and predicted 2023 net worth.

What is Ewa Mataya Laurance Net Worth and Salary 2023?

What is Ewa Mataya Laurance’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023

As of 2023, Ewa Laurance’s salary has not been publicly disclosed. However, considering her impressive career and achievements, it is safe to assume. So that she earns a substantial income from various sources.

Ewa Laurance’s projected $2 million net worth shows how good she is at her sport and how she has made money from her skills and fame. She will likely keep making more money as time passes because she is still a big deal in the pool world.

Ewa Mataya Laurance’s Overview

Ewa Mataya Laurance's Overview

Before we get into each stage and specifics about the professional pool player, let’s quickly look at Ewa Laurance’s life.

Born in Gävle, Sweden, Ewa’s journey to becoming a celebrated playing pool at 14.

Ewa’s career boasts an impressive list of accomplishments. She won the International Trick Shot Magic Championship and Women’s World 9-Ball Championship.

Her skill with the cue got her into the Billiard Congress of America’s Hall of Fame, making her an even bigger star in the sport.

Ewa is a great player, but she has also made a big difference at the table. She is a respected commentator, analyst, and TV personality. During big pool games, she gives insightful and entertaining commentary.

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Fans worldwide love Ewa because of how attractive and interesting she is to talk to.

Ewa has done a lot for the pool community but also strongly supports women’s participation and success in the sport.

Through her work, she has inspired many people to follow their dreams and break down barriers in a field that men have usually controlled.

Early Life

Ewa Mataya Laurance had a fascinating early life that was crucial in shaping her path to success. Born on 26 February 1964, Ewa’s passion for cue sports emerged early.

Growing up in a family of billiards enthusiasts, Ewa was introduced to the game by her father. Under his guidance, she honed her skills and developed a deep love for the sport.

Her natural talent quickly became evident, and she began competing in local tournaments while still in her teens.

Ewa’s dedication to billiards led her to leave Sweden and embark on a journey to the United States at seventeen.

Her choice was based on her desire to play professional pool and the chance to see how good she was against the best players. It was a courageous move that demonstrated her unwavering commitment to her passion.

As a young immigrant trying to get noticed in a competitive area, Ewa faced many problems when she moved to the United States.

However, her talent and determination propelled her forward. She became a big part of the American billiards scene, attending local and national tournaments and moving up the ranks.

In 1981, Ewa won the Women’s Professional Billiard Association (WPBA) National Championship. This was the start of a long and successful career for her.

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Her victory solidified her as a top player and shattered gender barriers in a predominantly male sport.


Ewa Mataya Laurance's Career

Ewa Mataya Laurance’s career in professional billiards has been nothing short of remarkable. Here is an overview of her achievements and contributions:

Championship Titles: Throughout her career, Ewa has secured numerous prestigious titles, including:

  • Women’s World 9-Ball Championship: Taking first place in such a prestigious tournament cemented Ewa’s position as one of the best players.
  • International Trick Shot Magic Championship: Known for her creativity and finesse, Ewa claimed this championship with her awe-inspiring trick shots, captivating audiences worldwide.

Hall of Fame Induction: Because Ewa was so good at the game, the Billiard Congress of America put her in its Hall of Fame. This prestigious award shows how much she has done for the sport and places her among the best players in billiards history.

Commentator and Television Personality: Her lively personality and insightful comments have made her a fan favorite at big pool events, making it more fun for people to watch.

Advocacy for Women in Billiards: Ewa has worked hard to get more women involved in pool and give them more power. She has inspired and encouraged women to follow their love for the game, breaking down barriers in a field that was once mostly dominated by men.

Global Influence: Ewa has fans worldwide who love her for her ability and charm. Billiards is becoming increasingly famous worldwide thanks to her entertaining performances.

Personal Life

Significant relationships and intriguing connections have marked Ewa Laurance’s personal life. She married billiards legend Jimmy Mataya in 1982.

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Their partnership strengthened their bond and created a shared passion for the sport. Together, they welcomed a daughter named Nikki in 1985, adding another layer of joy and fulfillment to their lives.

However, as life unfolded, Ewa’s path took an unexpected turn. In 1994, she entered into a new chapter of her personal life by marrying actor Mitch Laurance. Mitch Laurance, the twin brother of actor Matthew Laurance, is now a pool analyst for ESPN. This makes their lives even more connected to the world of billiards.

Because of this unique link, both knew a lot about culture and sports, making their relationship more interesting.

Together, Ewa Mataya Laurance and Mitch Laurance lead a fulfilling life, balancing their successful careers with their love for each other and their commitment to giving back to the community.

Why is Ewa Mataya Laurance Famous?

Why is Ewa Mataya Laurance Famous

Ewa Mataya Laurance’s rise to fame can be explained by her amazing ability, unwavering determination, and charming personality.

As a professional pool player, she has broken down barriers in a field that is mostly controlled by men.

Her love for the game and drive to be the best have helped her win many awards and titles, making her a force to be reckoned with in the pool world.

FAQs about Ewa Laurance

FAQs about Ewa Laurance

How did Ewa Mataya Laurance get involved in the world of professional billiards?

Ewa Mataya Laurance’s journey in professional billiards began at a young age. Growing up in Sweden, she developed a passion for the sport and dedicated herself to honing her skills.

She was at the top of the pool world because of how talented, driven, and competitive she was.

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What are some of Ewa Mataya Laurance’s notable achievements in billiards?

Ewa has an impressive list of accomplishments in the world of billiards. She has won many championships, including the Women’s World 9-Ball Championship and the International Trick Shot Magic Championship.

She is also in the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame because she is good with the cue.

Is Ewa Mataya Laurance involved in any other aspects of billiards besides playing?

Yes, Ewa is a multi-faceted figure in the world of billiards. In addition to her playing career, she is also an esteemed commentator, analyst, and television personality.

She has provided insightful and entertaining commentary during major pool events, showcasing her knowledge and passion for the sport.

Has Ewa Mataya Laurance written any books or publications?

Yes, Ewa has authored several books on billiards. Her books give useful information about the art and methods of the game. This makes them helpful for players of all skill levels. Her books reflect her expertise and dedication to sharing her knowledge with others.

How has Ewa Mataya Laurance contributed to promoting women’s involvement in billiards?

Ewa is a strong supporter of women playing billiards and having equal rights in the sport. She has inspired a lot of people to follow their dreams and break down barriers in a field that men have usually dominated. This is because of her own successes and how visible she is as a successful player.

Ewa’s dedication to promoting gender equality in billiards has made a lasting impact on the sport.


Ewa Mataya Laurance is an inspiring and celebrated professional pool player. She embodies hard work and dedication, having successfully succeeded in the sport.

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Net worth of Ewa Laurance in 2023 reflects her significant accomplishments and impact on the billiards world.

Now that you’ve read about her life and successes, why not follow in her footsteps and learn to play pool yourself? You could be the next Ewa Laurance!