What is Jim Cornette Net Worth 2023: All You Need To Know

What is Jim Cornette Net Worth 2023 All You Need To Know

Jim Cornette is one of the most respected and admired names in the world of pro wrestling. Cornette has made an indelible mark on the wrestling world with his sharp wit and never-ending love.

Fans and doubters are often interested in how well he has done financially. In addition to what he has done in the ring throughout his career. WCNetworth discusses Jim Cornette net worth and career in this article.

What is Jim Cornette’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

What is Jim Cornette's Net Worth and Salary in 2023

As of 2023, Jim Cornette’s estimated net worth is approximately $5 million. Net worth estimations vary and may not be publicly acknowledged.

Cornette’s net worth shows his success and influence in wrestling.

Jim Cornette’s Overview

Jim Cornette's Overview

Early Life

Jim Cornette was born in Louisville, Kentucky, on September 17, 1961.

Growing up in Louisville, he was the son of Doug Cornette, an executive with:

  • The Louisville Courier-Journal
  • The Louisville Times
  • Thelma Cornette
  • Louisville Chamber of Commerce

Tragically, his father passed away when Jim was just seven years old.

Cornette’s passion for wrestling began at the tender age of nine. He was so interested in the sport. He put a 10-foot antenna on top of his house to watch as much local wrestling as possible.

This early interest would finally lead to a successful career as a wrestler.


Jim Cornette’s career in professional wrestling began in the late 1970s. When he started working for his local wrestling promotion, Memphis Wrestling.

He handled and spoke for several famous wrestlers and had exceptional mic skills. He was crucial to wrestling contests due to his charisma and audience hold.

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Cornette was a good boss, so now WWE and WCW hired him.

He managed several prominent wrestlers, including the Midnight Express and Yokozuna.

Cornette’s job as a booker and promoter behind the scenes was also very important to the success of many wrestling promotions.

Personal Life

Jim Cornette has married his longtime girlfriend Stacey Goff, since October 31, 2007. Before their marriage, Goff worked as a manager in OVW promotion under the ring Synn.

As Synn, she managed future WWE Champion Batista. The pair has been together for nearly 15 years without any divorce rumors.

Cornette and Goff reside outside Louisville, which they have affectionately dubbed Castle Cornette. They share their home with their loving Pomeranian, Harley Quinn.

Cornette will turn 60 in September 2021. After that, he plans to stay home and focus on his radio shows and other home-based businesses.

Why is Jim Cornette Famous?

Why is Jim Cornette Famous

Jim Cornette’s fame comes from the great things he did for the boxing business. Cornette has left an indelible mark on professional wrestling as a manager and behind the scenes as a booker and producer.

His quick wit and willingness to express his thoughts have made him controversial. Fans and people in the business both like and dislike him.

FAQs about Jim Cornette

FAQs about Jim Cornette

How much money is Bret Hart worth?

Bret Hart’s estimated net worth was around $14 million.

How much money does Ric Flair have?

Ric Flair’s estimated net worth was around $3 million. However, financial decisions, investments, and personal situations can influence net worth.

What promotions have Jim Cornette worked for?

Jim Cornette has worked for various wrestling promotions, including:

  • Memphis Wrestling
  • World Wrestling Federation (now WWE)
  • WCW
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How long has Jim Cornette been involved in professional wrestling?

Jim Cornette has been involved in professional wrestling for several decades, beginning in the late 1970s.

What is Jim Cornette’s role as a manager?

Manager Jim Cornette supports wrestlers and regularly interferes in their matches to get an advantage.

Has Jim Cornette ever worked as a booker or promoter?

Yes, Jim Cornette has been a booker and promoter. He used his knowledge of the business and his creative skills to come up with plots and set up wrestling events.

Does Jim Cornette have a podcast?

Yes, Jim Cornette has a popular podcast called The Jim Cornette Experience. Where he talks about his wrestling experience and shares his thoughts, opinions, and stories.

Is Jim Cornette still involved in the wrestling industry?

Jim Cornette isn’t part of any wrestling company. But he stays involved in the business by doing podcasts, interviews. And making rare appearances at wrestling conventions and events.

What is Jim Cornette’s reputation among fans and wrestlers?

Jim Cornette has a polarizing reputation among fans and wrestlers. Some admire his knowledge and passion for wrestling, while others criticize his outspoken nature.

Has Jim Cornette won any awards or accolades?

Jim Cornette is a wrestling legend who has never won a major award.

Does Jim Cornette have any books or documentaries?

Jim Cornette has written books and appeared in wrestling documentaries about his career. Some notable titles include:

  • The Midnight Express & Jim Cornette: 25th Anniversary Scrapbook
  • Jim Cornette Presents: Behind the Curtain – Real Pro Wrestling Stories


Jim Cornette’s 2023 net worth and salary reflect his long financial success. Cornette’s estimated net worth is large.

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His skills as a wrestler have brought him money and fame worldwide, both in front of and behind the camera.

Cornette’s rise from diehard fan to professional wrestling star shows how hard he worked.

Jim Cornette’s name will always be linked to great wrestling as long as he keeps teaching and entertaining people.