What is Patrick Renna Net Worth 2023: All You Need To Know

What is Patrick Renna Net Worth 2023 All You Need To Know

In 2023, fans and followers of actor Patrick Renna are curious to know about his net worth and salary. In this article, Wcnetworth will discuss Patrick Renna net worth, early life, career and personal life.

What is Patrick Renna Net Worth and Salary 2023?

What is Patrick Renna's Net Worth and Salary 2023

Patrick Renna, an accomplished and well-known American actor, is reported to be worth 1.5 million USD. Renna has had a solid acting career since his debut on the big screen in 1993. He is best known as Hamilton Ham Porter in the 1993 baseball film The Sandlot.

Patrick Renna Overview

Patrick Renna Overview

Early life

Patrick Maxwell Renna was born in Boston, Massachusetts on March 3, 1979. He was always interested in performing and decided to relocate to Los Angeles to follow his dream.

Patrick’s strong Boston accent would still appear whenever he felt aroused, despite his relocation to the West Coast.

His major break came at the age of 14 when he earned the role of Hamilton Ham Porter in The Sandlot, a classic baseball film from 1993. Renna’s first significant film role, as a wisecracking figure, pushed him into the spotlight.


Patrick Renna is an American actor and film producer who has significantly impacted the entertainment industry over the past 25 years.

Best known for his iconic role as Hamilton Ham Porter in the 1993 baseball film The Sandlot, Renna’s career took off at a young age when he moved to Los Angeles with his family to pursue acting.

His breakout lead role in The Sandlot, directed by David M. Evans, catapulted him into the limelight, and he went on to star in Disney’s The Big Green, directed by Holly Goldberg Sloan.

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Renna’s versatility as an actor has allowed him to work in various genres, including comedy, drama, action-adventure, and romantic comedies.

His extensive list of credits includes films such as Son In Law, PUNKS, Ricky 6, Very Mean Men, Life Blood, Dark Ride, Dorm Daze, and many more. He has also appeared in several Movies of the Week and guest-starred or recurred on hit TV shows like ER, Bones, Over There, CSI, The Closer, The X-Files, and Boston Legal.

In 2018, Renna joined the cast of Netflix’s award-nominated comedy series GLOW, which follows the story of Ruth Wilder, a struggling actress in 1980s Los Angeles who creates the first women’s wrestling TV show.

Renna’s memorable performance in the series further solidified his reputation as a talented and versatile actor. Apart from his acting career, Renna has ventured into film production, with his first project being the dark comedy Bad Roomies, directed by Jason Schnell and written by Justin Mooney.

The film showcases Renna’s ability to bring unique and engaging stories to life on the big screen.

Renna’s enduring popularity can be attributed to his genuine connection with fans and his ability to bring iconic characters to life. His YouTube channel, You’re Killing Me with Patrick Renna, features nostalgic content, including interviews with fellow Sandlot cast members and behind-the-scenes stories from the film.

Renna’s dedication to his art and passion for narrative have maintained his longevity as an actor and producer, despite the hurdles of making a career in the entertainment industry.

Fans are excited to see what the future holds for this great and versatile performer as he continues to explore new roles and projects.

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Personal life

Patrick Renna married his wife, Jasmin Renna, on October 6, 2006. Flynn and Liam are the names of the couple’s twin boys.

Why is Patrick Renna famous?

Why is Patrick Renna famous

Patrick Renna is well-known for his remarkable performances in popular films and television shows. However, his performance as Hamilton Ham Porter in The Sandlot sealed his place in mainstream culture. His character’s amusing antics and famous catchphrases have become iconic, and the film is still beloved by audiences of all ages.

FAQs about Patrick Renna

FAQs about Patrick Renna

Who is the actor in the Zzzquil commercial?

Patrick was born in Boston, and although moving to Los Angeles at an early age to pursue acting, his Boston accent still comes through when he gets passionate.

What is Mike Vitar’s net worth?

Mike Vitar is a wealthy American actor with a net worth of $300,000 dollars.

What is Tom Guiry’s net worth?

Tom Guiry is a wealthy American actor with a net worth of $100,000.

Does Patrick Renna have a kid?

Patrick Renna, who portrayed Ham Porter in the legendary film, uploaded a photo of his son, Flynn, on his shoulders at a baseball field on Saturday. Call me coach, says the caption.


In conclusion, Patrick Renna is a great example of what persistence and hard work can do to achieve success. He has made an impressive career as an actor and built an amazing net worth of 1.5 million USD. If you’re looking for a source of inspiration and motivation to reach your goals, Patrick Renna is a great choice for you. Thank you for reading!

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